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Sex and Pregnancy: Separating Fact from Fiction

Pregnancy can bring about a lot of changes in a woman’s body, both physically and mentally, large and small. Many of these changes can affect her sexual life, as well. But it’s important to understand that for most women, sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe and healthy! Below we’ll discuss while this is the case, and when it may not be. So read on!

Can I Have Sex While Pregnant?

First of all, pregnancy is a natural condition, not a disease! Which means that simply being pregnant does not mean that a woman should avoid sex. Sex will not disturb the growing baby, either. While growing, a fetus is protected by amniotic fluid, the amniotic sac, the uterus, and the cervix; which is sealed by a mucus plug. All of this serves as a significant barrier to protect the baby during an entire pregnancy—let alone a single night of sex. There is no medical reason to avoid it.

Moreover, did you know that sex can even benefit a pregnancy? Having sex with a partner can release endorphins in your body, which are chemicals in the brain that reduce stress, promote a sense of well-being, and even a feeling of attachment to your partner—all of which benefit you and your growing baby. So have as much sex as you like! It can do you both a lot of good.

Are There Any Times When I Shouldn’t Have Sex While Pregnant?

There are a few scenarios in which a healthcare provider would advise you to avoid sex during pregnancy. These include conditions such as placenta previa and preterm labor. That’s why it’s important to diagnose these conditions as soon as they’re identifiable—something only a trained doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker can do. So don’t skip clinic or doctor visits during your pregnancy. To be safe, you should have 8 clinic visits during pregnancy and at least 4 clinic visits after giving birth.

Sex During Pregnancy is Safe and Normal

Not only is sex during pregnancy 100% normal, it’s also safe and healthy for most women in nearly all situations (not including health complications). It’s important to not only understand common misconceptions about sex and pregnancy, but also visit a healthcare facility regularly before and after birth. This will keep you and your baby safe, happy, and healthy!


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