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Become a
HPV expert

Hi, I'm Nivi...

I’m a chatbot here to give you the facts about HPV and cervical cancer by taking a short 5 question quiz. You can take the quiz anytime, 24/7. It’s free, safe and private. 

When you click the pink button, the word 'msd_hpv_survey_series' automatically loads on WhatsApp. Press send to start the quiz!

How does askNivi work?

Step 1
Click the pink button to start chatting. Your WhatsApp will open automatically and you will see a the word '
msd_hpv_survey_series' in the text box. 

Step 2
Send this word by pressing the send button

Step 3
I’ll ask you a few questions, please answer them so that I can get to know you a little better. Then we can explore HPV through a fun quiz!

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